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JLGreenTech Trading is a company that is focused on the innovation of LED lighting. In addition to creating some of the most energy efficient lights in the market, the company is dedicated to do its part in preserving the environment. We share the common objective of protecting our planet and have embarked on creating products with an environmental mindset.

Currently, half of the world’s tropical and temperate forests are now gone.  This is a direct result of the rise in global energy consumption.  Recently, the International Energy Agency (IEA) has claimed that energy-related CO2emissions are at historic highs and have estimated that these emissions may almost double by 2050.

It is with these studies in mind that the world’s top scientists have aimed for half of all power to come from green sources by 2035. Light Emitting Design echoes these beliefs and has created products which have minimal environmental impact during the manufacturing process, throughout its useful life and even upon disposal.


We aim to be a major component in solving our global environmental crisis through carbon reduction, as well as providing technologically advanced Lighting Systems that promote energy savings.



To become a world class Lighting Specialist that creates innovative and interactive technologies that will positively impact the environment while at the same time delivering quality sustainable lighting.


For many years, light meant brightness – nothing more. New technologies, new products and the rapid pace of development have changed all that. Light is now used to define areas and shape rooms, to provide energy, influence our moods, improve security, and transfer information.

We aim to design, manufacture, distribute and market the most advanced energy-saving and eco-friendly Lighting Products — to expand the application of our technology to all aspects of lighting.

About Us

JLGreentech Trading is focused on addressing the advocacies that concern OUR physical welfare – pollution, climate disturbances, global warming, and energy shortage. We propose alternative solutions through cost-effective, energy efficient and environmentally friendly products.

eco-led-green-techFollowing extensive years of research and development by a professional engineering staff with a combined experience of over 75 years, we have invented numerous innovative technologies. Integrating these patented technologies in our thermal management system and optical design enables our products to exhibit superior performance, thus increasing its lifespan while maintaining industry leading levels of lumen output.

Our products are designed to dramatically reduce energy costs and consumption while increasing lighting performance. In all aspects, we are committed to our global responsibility to provide the highest quality lighting products and to concurrently lead the way to a brighter future!

As such, we look forward to being your partner as we strive to create value for our customers beyond pricing, quality and technical support.

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