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Condo Living in the Philippines: How to Make it a Small Green Space

Nowadays, we want to live in a place where everything is convenient for us. A place in which we have access to our favourite shopping malls, easy access to the university or college that we go to day after day, and somewhere near our workplaces.

In the Philippines, according to DMCI Communities, convenient living is now possible by way of buying and owning your very own condominium unit. Condominium living has been both a popular and efficient way to cope with the city lifestyle. It has accessibility to different urbanized and metropolitan districts in the country. The only disadvantage that condominium living can bring is its limited space availability.

First, in constructing your condominium unit, consider having it interior designed. According to Arkhi Builders Inc, interior design plays an integral part on how living in your unit comfortably. Functional and minimal furniture along with well-constructed details are the main elements in making your condominium living comfortable.

Now in designing the interior part of your condo home, consider living it green so that you can also take your part in the protection of Mother Nature. Of course, we still need a planet to live into, so living green is the way to go. The question is, with the limited space that the units bring us and the cost we spend to buy the unit, how can we choose to right materials to fit in our condo homes?

Here are a few things to consider to achieve a green condo home:

1.) Pick the Right Refrigerator

Refrigerators are widely known to be the appliance that consumes the most energy. If we want to lower down the costs of our electric bills, the first thing to do is to pick a fridge that is energy efficient. Look for brands that have the energy star or energy efficiency rating that’s attached to the refrigerator when purchasing. Better if you choose the one that is the most efficient among all the brands present in the market. When buying a fridge, the next thing to consider is the size. The choice is between a compact refrigerator or a full-sized one. If living alone, the former is highly recommended than the latter.

The temperature of your fridge should be cool but not too cool. Keep the temperature at 40º F, but you can usually bring it down one or two degrees Fahrenheit. For the freezer, keep it at 0º F. Lowering the temperature even more will leave you with a higher energy consumption.

2.) Pick an Energy Efficient Air Conditioning Unit

Some condos don’t have AC units installed in the rooms. When deciding to install one, just like when purchasing a refrigerator, look for AC units with the energy star or the energy efficiency rating attached to the appliance. Also, pick the one that is the most energy efficient.

In using your AC units, do not overuse it for too long. Always remember to use the timer for you to save more energy and to have fewer worries in your electric bill. Also, when it is not summer time (in the Philippines, the humid is still hot at night during summer), remember to set the timer. It is best to set the timer on before going to sleep, so it turns off 2 to 3 hours after.

3.) Use LED Lights

Light-Emitting Diodes (LED) lights are more durable than incandescent and fluorescent lights. They also have a total of 50,000 hours and can withstand jarring. The use of LED lights in the Philippines is highly encouraged by the Philippine government in House Bill 262 (LED light savings Act of 2013). It states that in order to have proper harmony with Mother Nature, all offices should set an example to the people of the State by using LED lights than incandescent and fluorescent lights.

In choosing the brand of LED lights, consider the following energy specifications. LED lights contain a little amount of wattage and have a high amount of lumen. Having a vast amount of lumen inside a light bulb means, it will shine brighter. If the both of them are combined, using LED lights is energy-saving and prevents and increase in your electric bill. Also, consider finding LED bulbs that offer a long life span. Doing so will take a long time for you to replace broken lights in the future.

Designing your condo home is never easy. Given that the space is limited, and the cost of buying a unit is high consider developing your condo unit in a green matter. Live in an eco-friendly case and always find living a green life. Start it inside the comfort of your condo home today.

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