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Down Light

LED Downlight can be a credible alternative for old indoor and outdoor lighting. This lighting fixture is often recessed at particular holes in the ceiling to give  a narrow beam of light downward. The same with all LED lightings, LED downlight continues to gain popularity as it operates with less energy needed, emits less heat and provides  a more credible illumination when compared to most fluorescent and incandescent bulbs.

LED downlight is also a truly viable alternative in making a mood or ambiance depending on the users’ preferences. Some downlights are also often used for task lighting as it can be made adjustable to give the user the amount of light he/she wants to get.

  • Compared to some lighting products that exist today, LED Downlight can considerably have better luminous efficacy. In terms of light distribution,  LED downlight surpasses those of conventional lighting as it can offer great choices for wide distribution of luminosity.
  • Most LED Downlights have a CRI or Color Rendering Index more than 80 and a CCT or Correlated Color Temperature of about 2700 K up to 4100K.
  • Undoubtedly, LED downlight can last longer than most conventional lamps. Though some LED lamps cost higher, they actually can last much longer making them a completely cost wise investment.