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Flood Light

LED Floodlight is a broad-beamed artificial light that is a worthwhile option in lighting vast outdoor areas. Most of the time, this kind of lighting fixture is used in sports field where events are often held during some low light conditions.

Unlike old flood light choices, LED floodlights have an extraordinary ventilating gland. This ventilating gland functions as the one that maintains air pressure inside the LED light itself. Fogging of the inner and outside glass is impossible to happen because of this very installment.

Further advantages:

  • LED floodlight is capable of delivering cool light while radiating a very less amount of heat. This would eventually mean that harmful radiations from the light will be greatly minimized considering that ultra-violet radiation and infra-red are not emitted.
  • LED Floodlight has great lamp housing. This is essential as it prevents light from spilling to some directions where light is not needed. It also functions as the body for the entire material. This housing has also been designed to assist in heat reduction while increasing the light’s efficiency.
  • LED floodlight is able to produce a notable white beam of light comparable to daylight. When utilized in stadiums or any big spaces, it could help people attain better visionary experience even with the sunshine’s absence.