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LED Strip Lights

Strip lights are completely flexible since they can be divided at any point between LEDs and they can be utilized in a good number of installations. Aside from lighting spaces, strip lighting is also commonly used for DIY projects that need good illumination.

LED Strips are undeniably a great lighting option to be used in various spaces. This kind of lighting option can be cut to some precise length. LED strips are actually ideal in resolving lighting problems in bookshelves or even in display shelves. LED strips can also work well in areas with curved nooks. Further, using LED Strip lights in lighting a Bar or even in lighting work desk or workspaces is no brainer. Basically, what makes LED Strip lights completely ideal is that it can be set up easily.

Further advantages:

  • LED Strip lights can be extremely portable. It can power up with only the aid of a USB device or rechargeable battery packs. Its uses may include those in computer lighting, costume lights, toys, works spaces and many others.
  • Further developments on LED lightings have allowed LED Strip lights to be utilized for various applications including high brightness task lighting, fluorescent replacements, Ultra Violet inspections or even in growing plants.
  • When compared to traditional lighting bulbs, LED strip lights are undeniably more adaptable. They are also far way safer considering that they generate lesser heat.

LED Strip Lights-3528-IP22

LED Strip Lights-3528-IP65

LED Strip Lights-5050-IP22

LED Strip Lights-5050-IP65

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