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LED Tube Lights

For the past decades, the use of fluorescent tubes or LFLs in lighting spaces is undoubtedly massive. This perhaps is due to the fact that that there are no other better options available in lighting indoor commercial spaces by that time. As technology evolves, it paves way to the development of LED tube lights which are completely more efficient than the latter.

Mainly, LED Tube Lights use about 40% less energy compared to LFLs. Meaning, resorting into LED lights is far way more practical and more environment-friendly. Further, know that shifting from fluorescent tube into LED tube can be very easy. LED tube lights are actually designed to fit in the fixtures which are originally intended for fluorescent tubes.

Further advantages:

  • LED Tube Lights can be made dimmable. While at home or at the office, it could be more fitting if you can have the freedom of changing your lighting setting into the most right scene that will possibly suit you. Basically, in changing the atmosphere in spaces, using right lighting could be perhaps the most practical method.
  • Often, fluorescent lights contain low-pressure mercury vapor as well as argon. These elements can be harmful not just to humans but especially to the environment. Unlike conventional fluorescent tubes, LEDs contain no mercury making it safer for humans and to add, it is friendlier to the environment.
  • LED tubes can go well while using Controls and Sensors – In contrast to Fluorescent Lights, LEDs can work with controls and sensors perfectly. LEDs’ lifespan is surely not affected by constantly turning them on/off.
  • LED Tube lights are tested to be 30% more efficient than the LFLs. With LED technology, we are already offered with a lighting system that offers a variety of color temperatures while staying confident that there will be no flickering issues that can happen unlike to using LFLs. The average lifespan of LED light could range from 50,000 hours to 84, 000 hours versus to only 30,000 hours of a regular LFL.