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In many business places, directional lamps can be a major component in their lighting systems. LED MR16 Lamps are actually one of the best modern alternatives. This effective lighting system has longer lifespan reaching up to more than 50, 000 hours before its brightness drops to 70% of its original state. By using LED MR16, the user can have a range of color temperatures to suit one’s desired mood or room ambiance.

Multifaceted Reflector or the MR lamps are usually utilized in a good number of luminaries like track heads mono points and downlights. The most popular of these MR lights is the MR16. This type of lamp has a diameter of 16 eights of an inch, or 2 inches.

Further advantages:

  • LEDs are undeniably one of the most efficient materials for illumination that we can have today. Considering that LEDs use much lesser energy compared to other lighting options, its user can enjoy the advantage of having a quality illumination for a smaller cost. Further with its long usability span, LED MR16 saves the user from spending a good amount money for maintenance as well as replacement costs.
  • With LEDs upgraded materials, its user is assured with farther durability. LEDs main components are not made with filament or neon gas making it less vulnerable compared to its counterparts. LED MR16 are also designed to withstand extreme shocks, vibration, as well as temperature.
  • LEDs are completely earth friendly as they can be considered perfectly recyclable. Further, they also emit light free from UV rays and infrared ensuring a lesser carbon footprint on the atmosphere.