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SMAR Lighting Fixtures

Finding the perfect filament lighting products for your commercial and residential spaces has never been easier. At JLGreentech, we can offer you the most choices to make sure you find exactly what you’re needing.
Thinking that these lighting fixtures are appropriate for a number of applications, with us, you can find a large number of choices to browse through. Some of these choices include SM Bulbs (class A and B), filament bulbs and filament tubes, etc. It comes with various watts and color choices such as clear frosted. These wide selection of product choices is available at prices you can never imagine.

Smar Bulbs Class B 5W

Smar Bulbs Class B 9W

Smar Bulbs Class B 15W

Smar Bulbs Class B 30W

Smar Bulbs Class A 3W

Smar Bulbs Class A 5W

Smar Bulbs Class A 8W

Smar Bulbs Class A 12W

Smar Filament Bulb A60 E27 2W

Smar Filament Bulb A60 E27 6W

Smar Filament Bulb C35 2W

Smar Filament Bulb C35 4W

Smar Filament Bulb T45 E27 4W

Smar Filament Bulb T64 E27 4W

Smar Filament Bulb T64 E27 6W

Smar T5 Tubes 4W

Smar T5 Tubes 7W

Smar T5 Tubes 10W

Smar T5 Tubes 12W

Smar T8 Tubes Glass 8W

Smar T8 Tubes Glass 16W