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LED LIGHTS, BRIGHT BUSINESS: 6 Benefits of LED Lighting for Business Signage


A good business needs a good signage, and a proper signage needs strong light. In the past, conventional bulb used for business are the classic and nostalgic neon and fluorescent which have proven to be useful and reliable. But these days, we have LED lights that offer colorful and creative displays among its many features, not failing to mention, longevity.

Long Life

Speaking of longevity, one of the best features of LED lights is its long life. The LED bulbs and diodes are expected to operate for 11 years. At 8 hours a day, it can even last for two decades before needing to replace it; this characteristic means less spending when it comes to changing the bulbs for your business signage.


Shines Bright

What sets LED lights apart from other types is its dazzling brightness. Its technology allows it to produce brilliant, bright, and sharp light that is very suitable for business signs. It makes signs easy to read either when near or from a distance. It will be sure to be luminous in the darkest nights.


Energy Efficient

Another feature of LED light bulbs is its energy efficiency. Traditional incandescent light bulbs are not as efficient compared to LED lights because of 100% energy it consumes, only 20% goes to lighting and the 80% losing to other conversions like heat. LED lights are energy efficient at around 80%-90%, a complete opposite of conventional light bulbs.


Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other kinds of bulbs, LED lights are toxic-free. It does not contain dangerous chemicals such as mercury that other traditional lights have. Also, since it has a longer operating life that other bulbs, businesses, and homes will be throwing out less burnt out bulbs, which can be a big step towards greener lighting and lesser waste.


Low Maintenance

Adding to all these useful features is the LED light’s few maintenance demands. Unlike other lights, LED light bulbs do not contain any gasses or glass tubes that are prone to breaking or leaking. It is also easier to clean since it does not turn hot and is not as fragile as fluorescent tubes. Basically, LED lights will never burn out. Some can even be waterproof, a great feature especially for business signs that are usually outdoors.


Zero UV Emissions

The lighting preferably used in most museums, art galleries, and archaeological sites is LED lighting. It is because it LED produces very little infrared and almost no UV emissions. It is suitable for goods in businesses and materials used on the business signs that can be sensitive to heat. LED light has virtually no radiated heat emission.



These are just some of the features of the LED light bulbs. ┬áConsidering its longevity, brightness, energy efficiency, being environmentally friendly, low maintenance demand, and zero UV emissions, and its being less costly than conventional lighting, there’s no reason not to put up signage for your business. It will surely be bright and sharp, enticing many clients into your store or business.

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