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Make Your Home Look Luxurious with these 5 Simple Things

You probably have spent thousands renovating your house or condominium unit to make it look a bit classy.  But in the end, you still feel something’s lacking or nothing changed which defeated the purpose of it all. Apart from changing your interior furniture and floor carpet, (which by the way could be very expensive), you’re still thinking of adding something else. You’re certain there is something to change but unsure what they really are.

Well, you don’t really have to ask an interior designer to come over just to change the situation. What you need is a little bit of creativity and an open mind to learn something new. Let me walk you through the process of truly changing your home to something amazing.

  1. Make it look Big.

Space is always the first thing that we consider. We are always provoked to think that bigger is better. You don’t actually have to extend your house or transfer to a bigger unit. You don’t need to spend more.

You just need to make it look big. You have to understand that space isn’t really defined by square meters. The trick lies on your wall and floor design. To make the floor space look big, your floor tiles should also be wide in size. The wall should also have a breathing point, so if it’s possible to have a bigger window, go ahead and do it.

Well, of course you are not going to get the largest size of floor or wall tile since you’re not making a museum or a church. It is ideal to have a 60”60 or rectangular- shaped floor or wall tiles to your living room area or kitchen since these are key areas where we usually stuff around a lot of furniture. It’s better if it matches the shape of most of your stuff, to make it look more harmonious.


To get more inspiration you can also check A Super Small (40 square meter) Home

  2. Define Every Space.

Some people think that adding more furniture will make their flat look cramped or overcrowded. But this is not always true. The only thing you have to make sure is it shouldn’t be a hindrance to any movement.

You’re probably sticking to a theme or a specific mood but it’s not a bad thing to add a little twist.

You can consider adding grotesque plant vases. You can do away with the traditional ceramic plant vases that almost everyone has. You can also consider vases with cultural or indigenous inspiration. If you travel overseas often, take advantage of purchasing these items on that country or from the artist itself. It’s more likely to be overpriced from retailer stores at your own country.


These types of vases are both catchy and classy. It will not only catch attention but will give you an out- of- the- country feeling that will also remind you of good memories.

3.  Play With the Lights


You don’t need to purchase expensive chandeliers to make your light source look classy. All you need is an LED light source.

LED lights in the Philippines and in other countries have been first utilized by business owners since they are inexpensive, energy efficient and long lasting. You will save 80% on electric usage and it’s made for constant on-off cycles. LEDs are very customizable and they are remote controlled in most cases. You can set it to whatever color you want that’ll help you set the mood. You can check for more information about LED lights here at JLGreenTech Trading.

Imagine taking your kitchen or bedroom to another level. You can set the light to a specific house area depending on the mood that you want. If you want to throw house parties or you want to give your kitchen a more “restaurant” feel, this is going to be your jam!  LED lights have been innovated and are more stylish nowadays. It doesn’t exist in one boring design like fluorescent or incandescent lights; in fact it had been sophistically designed for whichever specific usage. You can trust both its cost and energy efficiency. It’s also nature- friendly and can work in extreme weather conditions, making it perfect whether for indoor or outdoor use.

  4. Stick to the Plan

This is a no-brainer idea, but sticking to a specific theme is really going to make home designing easy for you. You should really know what you want.

You probably have many plans in mind to do with your newly renovated or purchased house or condo unit. Although it is also advisable to somehow add a small twist to your interior décor or furniture, it shouldn’t affect the entire mood of the house that you’re trying to pursue. Do not cramp your house with too many things that aren’t really related to the entire theme. You will be seeing a lot of “cute” things at stores or you’re probably be tempted to purchase expensive furniture but make sure they are going to blend in and not create an ultimate shock to the pattern.

You don’t really need to spend more than what you expect to spend since you will not be able to do it all at once. Designing your house is also a process. In time, as long as you stick to the plan and keep being creative, your house will be more than the looks of luxury.

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