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Myths Vs. Facts on LED Lighting

An investment in LED lighting preludes a brighter, efficient and safer future. A transformation from conventional to LED lighting provides a lot of benefits including increased efficiency, extended lifetime, extended controllability, and a superior quality of light. All these are profits we get from switching conventional to LED lighting.

LED lighting brings increased efficiency letting you enjoy 50 to 70 percent energy savings and reduced carbon dioxide emissions. LED lighting also boasts a lifespan of 50,000 hours or more which leads to huge amounts of savings on replacement lamps and expensive labor costs. Compare LED lighting to conventional lamps and you’ll realize you wasted money only on 15,000 to 20,000 hour lifespan of loser lights.

led light quality

Additionally, LED lighting emits a smart quality of light. Conventional or fluorescent lights emit hot and too bright lights. On the other hand, LED lights produce a quality of light that does not give you sore eyes and less heat on the room. It is also superior in its color rending, which offers improved and developed night time visibility. LED lights for sale in the Philippines paved way to LED street lights in the country. The country’s roads are developing which are lit with easy-too-see bright white light, making vehicles pass through easier and safer. This is why LED lights Philippines is the beginning to the improvement of energy consumption in the country.

Compared to other lights, LED lighting is easier to control. They also produce accurate adjustments to brightness and observe fixture operation from a centralised control room.

Although the emergence of LED lighting has developed and more products are manufactured, some consumers make the mistake of buying products with the wrong perceptions and ideas. It is essential to know which information is myth and fact.

It is a common mistake that higher lumen per watt means the LED performs better. This is a claim from vendors who show impressive lumen output of 160 lumens/watt or higher that do not reflect real world use. Always check if the tests were conducted by independent or trustworthy laboratories and not just believing on the manufacturer’s claims.

LED chips DO generate heat. Conventional lighting sources only convert a numerical quantity of electrical power into visible light. The rest of them are wasted as heat or what is commonly known as infrared radiation. This excessive heat travels within the light beam and eventually it minimizes the light’s effectiveness. However, prolonged exposure to heat or infrared radiation is dangerous to the eyes, fabrics and skin.

But compared to conventional lights, LED chips have the ability to convert most of electrical power as light and the emission does not carry heat. However, an amount of it is generated at the LED driver and PCB section. Just remember to choose an LED road lighting system vendor that simulates, tests and designs their products for efficiency in high thermal to ensure optimal performance and maximize the lifetime of LED lights.

It is a fact that LED lights are resistant to vibration. This is why they are perfect for use in road and bridge lighting applications because they are manufactured without filaments, moving parts, or fragile glass enclosures.

Here are other common MYTHS about LED lighting:

  • They cannot function in extremely cold environments
  • They carry hazardous substances
  • LED road lighting demands power network connection

Lastly, it is a FACT that LED road lighting fixtures are using lesser power to cover and shield road surfaces compared to conventional fixtures.

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